New apartment: nicety of development

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new apartment: nicety of development
The Development of new building and old apartment - not one and ditto. First, change itself the place and encirclements implies the certain new stage in lifes. But if you move not simply on new place, but in new apartment, beside which else no own histories, this cause to begin all with "clean sheet", throw all old and be dispensed from unnecessary belongings. Certainly, there is loved subjects beside each person, with which are bound some pleasing memory. Their possible take with you, they wholly can become the base of concept of new interior. As their choose? Else before begin moving attentively to look over get old apartment - on that similars its interior? There is beside it determined style or premises reminds the mink of mouse with ensemble of different subjects, which you do not need, sometimes even unpleasant, and contribute the chaos in situation? Let that belongings, which you will take away with itself in new house, will little.

Furniture necessary to leave much selective. Certainly, miserable will abandon to antique dresser, but here is carry, expect, old sofa does not cost (stand). On background fresh sparkling sewer неновая upholstery will always turn attention on itself. Недаром You have bought the new apartment! In her to want to live in harmonies! And will offensively if harmony this break such triviality, as old sofa.

The Ithaca, decision on full renovation of situation in connection with moving in new apartment is taken. That do further? How optimize temporary and financial expenseses? In what order to begin the меблировку of apartment? How form up the interior each apart taken premiseses? On all these questions we try to answer within the framework of our article.

we begin with planning
Previously than r for concept of interior of new apartment, necessary well to study the possibility of our мебельного market: what furniture in vogue that possible buy immediately, but that come to make to order and so on. Otherwise can turn out to be that for entailment of your дизайнерских decisions to come to overspend time and facilities.
The Detailed development of interior begins with studies of building planning. Possible do several mineses of planning and straight pencil накидать two-three variants of placement of furniture. At this stage, it is necessary to define the main moments, for instance, solve, will be sofa angular or usual, will be in sleeping spacious closet or modern гардеробная and so on. We will Remind that beside planning there is determined scale (will expect, 1:100), accordingly, and furniture necessary to scale.
Quite often, building planning distorts the sizes. The Actual sizes of premiseses after decorating, particularly if it is used гипсокартон, several differ. So necessary to take the tape measure and, fainted all rooms, do exact planning. This will much relieve most further work. Does Not cost (stand) to hurry with development of design if it is planned перепланировка (again because of possible change the sizes).
The scheme of interconnections of electric cable prepares After "доработки" planning and ventilation channels. Regrettably, in practice this stage often "is lowerred". In total after eviction in apartment comes to light that comes short wall-plugs. Happens To штробить channels, but then - restore the decorating. But if Take Care of this beforehand, possible avoid spare and moral, and material expenseses. The Following stage - strictly, choice of variant of design of apartment. When is ready draft, possible choose the situation.
There is and the second way. You can wholly make that repair, which offers застройщик. In this case after revision of sizes of planning, possible immediately go to choice of furniture and accessories.
If you distrust in own power - invite the specialist. Today in Voronezsh enough experienced masters, working with interiors exactly. The Professional designer or architect will develop the concept, will insert furniture, will offer you several variants of интерьерных compositions. It will pass with you on shops, will present all advantages of one or another composition, will help to select the accessories.
In any event - address you to professionals or will by itself arrange the apartment - without fall begin with preliminary planning, do the outline of situation. If gain the belongings separately, without the general concept, can happen the embarrassment. Having Collected all subjects of furniture in one premises, you will understand that whole this must not here be! Not that form, not that size, but зачастую and not that colour.

optimum order of actions
If you plan to gain furniture gradually, necessary выстроить order of development of rooms. Optimum "start" - kitchen. This premises, in which we conduct much time. If kitchen will be empty, you do not be able to execute the main действо - preparation of meal. The Following logistical to surround sleeping - we need комфортный rest. Hereinafter goes the drawing room, then - cabinet and so on. Such order is logical with home standpoint.
Certainly, furniture better to buy on terminating stage of repair, чтоб possibility immediately to collect, place and value its value in interior. But if you have seen furniture and have understood that you much advantageously do this aquisition presently (the discounts, sellouts, limited party), - buy! For instance, корпусная furniture in parsed type will occupy little place and will not disturb repair work. Besides, row of salons are ready during several months to keep your furniture beside itself on storehouse.

interior outside of modes
Today furniture подвластна mode not less, than footwear or cloth. However necessary carefully to personify all fashionable trends in its interior. Fashionable furniture will is actual during 4-5 years, not more. So if no desires to change furniture often, possible stop its choice on сдержанных models (the natural material, natural colour древесины). In this case you will be able easy to change the accents: fashionable accessories (the фоторамки, pictures, постеры, вазочки), blinds, ковровое covering - these detail will allow to update the interior so often, as you will consider necessary.
Itself glad event - buying to new furniture - can be омрачено if you bathe faulty goods. Choosing furniture, pay attention to two main features - used material and quality of performance. Spare on quality it is impossible. In Voronezsh enough высококлассных producers of furniture, is presented collections leading russian and world factories. So problems with searching for of qualitative furniture not will.

beside each rooms - its secret
In each room there is its мебельная "доминанта" - subject, from which is formed up all most further furnishings. For instance, will consider the гостиную. That main in its situation? Certainly, soft furniture. The Sofa - place, where we repose, conduct the much its lifes. From line "sofa-television set" and goes the building of geometry of space.

The Sofa - самодостаточный element of interior, it will become the decoration any гостиной. Today in vogue soft furniture with contrasting printed drawing. If on sofa to do the fashionable accent, for instance, place the beautiful pillows with ornament, all premises will look much interesting. Certainly, ornament must be not repeated on wall, otherwise accents will too much. If it is expected that on wall behind sofa will be beautiful wallpaper with large drawing, pillows necessary to choose сдержанные. One of the the variants - combination of greater neutral pillows and small cushions with contrasting drawing, reminding ornament обоев. The Main here - know the measure.
One more fashionable trend - combination of different invoices and ornaments within the framework of one kit of soft furniture. So, producers offer the sofas, in registration which are used simultaneously and skin, and metal, and plush, and textiles. In vogue also fur диванные pillows.

At choice of sofa necessary to remember that mode in interior is changed quickly. So let ультрамодными will exactly be pillows - in a certain time their will possible change, having booked new, more actual.
On kitchen central element interior - варочная surface with extraction. From its choice and begins the registration of premises. The Actual trend - flat варочная surface (стеклокерамика). One more fashionable comfort for landlady - dutch oven, disposed вверху, at a rate of outboard closets. In this case under варочной by surface inheres the usual closet or выкатные elements. The Variants of performance more than enough - from classicists before хай-тек. Does Not lose to urgency and eco-style, founded on use the natural material. The Choice depends on the personal passions and financial possibilities of master of apartment.

The Bedroom, certainly, begins with beds and that, what material is used for its registrations (the coverlets, pillows, possible, canopy). If hereto add else and approaching blinds - you get completed ensemble. Exactly to account of textiles possible repeatedly to change the interior of bedroom. For instance, in девичьей to room are appropriate soft fabrics, gentile colour, рюши, lace. For bedroom succeeding celibate will more approach сдержанные tone of complex colours, forgiven fabrics, small number of laconic accessories. Certainly, this boilerplate description: each person привносит its flavor in registration of bedrooms.

In worker cabinet main subject of furniture - table. Depending on that, what it will - executed from array natural древесины or from glass and chromium - are selected the rest elements: from bookcases, blinds and коврового covering before фоторамок.

The Vestibule - first premises, in which gets the person, falling into apartment. Main its problem - create the condition, in which will комфортно get undressed, place the cloth and bring itself in order. Select uniquely главенствующий here element to furniture in a complicated way. There is several important component. First - place for upper cloth and footwears (the closet, small гардеробная, open hung and обувницы). Previously, than make buying to furniture, count, what volume of cloth and footwears to you necessary to place daily, do "spare" on event of receipts of guests. Besides, a suitable mirror without fall must be in прихожей with correct подсветкой. Logistical provide and small hassock, to which will possible sit down to be put on shoes. In прихожей cost (stand)s to avoid the bright дизайнерских decisions - not necessary person immediately "shock", let it peacefully разденется and оглядится. However, this only advice, choice of concrete variant remains for you.
Complex whole select the main element in registration of baby room. That is main for child? Exactly not bed and hardly worker a table, for it important accessories and toys. So main advice at registration baby - create its not for itself, as follows for its child.

There is two approaches to registration of baby room. The Situation possible to change on measure of взросления child. For instance, at five-year age him pleasantly to sleep in child's bed-car, but concern with for school desk in form теремка. But at ten years interests of child can noticeably change, but signifies, must be changed and furniture in its room.

There is and other approach. The Situation baby possible to do enough universal that it "grew" together with child. For base to take furniture an idle time of form and pastel colours, but "age" rooms to change by means of accessories. At first time to use much bright subjects with simple large drawing, soft fabrics, greater постеры. Then go to more thematic registration depending on interests of child (the sport, music, graphic arts and so on). In this case chosen furniture for baby serve good while, but child not will in its room bored.

we thank for help in preparing the material Татьяну Логинову, designer of interior of company "Ангстрем"

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