The investment a number 1 america

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The Investment a Number 1 America.

Author: Адриан Шуру

Date: 2008-08-08

The Issue of news for february 19 2009.

The Company from Budapest is chosen for attraction of money in investment a Number 1 America: foreign investors get the unique possibility to invest in premises USA on equal with americans.

Ирвайн, California, USA, 07:02

Recently published амерканским publishers Morgan-James in Гарден City, staff New York book under name "Incredible Investment Book" (The Incredible Investment Book) is written Tea Сальсбури, experienced broker and investment banker. Conducting more than twenty years in business of securities with the most known companies Уолл Стрит, as that Смис Barium or Пруденшиал, Chuck has understood that none of clients of these companies not smog to get rich exactly because of structure of services proposed these and similar companies. Leaving on pension, mr Сальсбури was occupied the study of question that is an investment a Number 1 in USA. It in the same way want to play safe and want to find the very investment, which shown the constant advantage on other types of investments on length of the lasts 50 years. The Chuck does not need there was "plan of flash", which has operated today, but possible did not show such results again tomorrow.

Marked ideology its проэкта, Chuck Сальсбури was sunk in studies, which have served the base its new book. If method инвестирования there was most best in for Америги, that more then probably that such method can become one of the best for the whole world. The Chuck create its radio-шоу under name "Incredible Investment" (The Incredible Investment Show ) and conduct the seminars that its listeners could understand all detail of its opening. And radio-шоу, and seminars have conquered the enourmous success in South Californium, place of location of its office. As a result, Chuck has trained thousand people, many from which use its method, изложеный on seminars and on recently openned page in Internet www.TenPercentDown.com On this page an заинтересованые investors can be gratis registerred to examine the set an видеоматериалов, assign their own questions, and непостредственно begin to invest the following дисциплинированому to plan of Chuck. All these facilities absolutely free - Internet page, information, видеофильмы, list to premises, detail of investment method, book of Chuck, subscription on BULLETIN BOARD, sets ПР. Most Best part of method is that fact that for three year of functioning (working) the program NOT A SINGLE client has lost nor kopecks. The Incoms above actions, bonds, joint-stock fund or annuities, at risk.

That this for such "Incredible Investment"? Simple and short answer - premises. More Extended - aquisition in mortgage of new cottages increased комфортности only in rising regions USA, and only on the price not more $1000 for square metre. The Cottages are gained for the reason making the диверсифицированого briefcase of objects, which surrender in lease reliable and акуратным to lessees on length of the whole time a holdings by these objects. When is assigned the question, under what conditions to investor cost (stand)s to sell its investment, mr Сальсбури proudly declares "NOR UNDER WHAT". These building will provide the incom and financial safety for You, Your children, and Your grandsons. Further to the whole, you will be able to use variety of tax priveleges for reduction of tax obligations in the same way and from other sources of Your incom. On-скольку You never will sell its investment, Your premises can grow in the price in two or three times, and You, taking out incom NEVER must will pay the tax on profit, but liberally use all 100% this incom on their own necessities: for learning their own children, or for aquisition of additional objects. Today investors from Europe and countries a post-советсвого space, on равне with people USA, in the same way can use the advantages this reliable and safe investment of growing by means of participation in 5-year $10-millionth investment program of company SCM Partnership II, LLC. For further information address to exclusive representative in Europe, director of division of international marketing Адриану Шуру on telephones +36-20-4713910 , +7-912-2411317 , or on and-мейлу [email protected]

 Авг. 8, 2008, полночь

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